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Kristina Mackova

B2B Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience. Your partner for strategic growth and visual evolution of your business.


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Digital Marketing

My primary area of expertise lies in B2B and SaaS businesses, focusing on marketing and communication strategies

Graphic Design

Design is my passion. Creating a unique visual brand identity solutions


Creating and managing pay per click campaigns on Google

Marketing for SaaS

Marketing strategies, lead generation and international growth  for your SaaS businesses

Case Studies


Google Ads campaigns for Port Cities International

I created and managed Google Ads campaigns for a B2B SAAS consulting company, to attract leads and increase sales. Beginning in Indonesia, we expanded our reach to Vietnam, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, the UK, Spain, and more. Each campaign was created in both English and the native language of the target country. Through precise targeting refinement, we achieved a remarkable 140% increase in relevant leads, leading to significant revenue growth. This case underscores the effectiveness of PPC strategies in delivering results for global expansion. 

The approximate ROI from these numbers is 56.5%. However, it's important to note that this calculation is solely based on revenue and campaign costs. Actual ROI may vary due to factors beyond the scope of the provided data. 


Web Design & Content for Hotel Bajito Bay

During my trip to Mexico, the hotel owner asked for my help to improve their online presence. They wanted photos, videos, and a website with a booking system. I took photos of the hotel and its surroundings to capture its beauty. Then, I created a colorful website using Odoo, matching their brand. 

The new website attracted more customers, and the hotel saw a 100% increase in booking requests. This shows how a well-designed online presence can make a big difference for a business. 


Social Media Rebranding

Transforming a Texas Holiday Business

I updated a visual identity of a local holiday business in Texas. With a new look, I created and implemented a new social media strategy where we also introduced fun activities like live music, outdoor bars, and playgrounds on Instagram and Facebook

While exact results were hard to measure, the business had its busiest season ever and got great feedback. I also made a new website to match the fresh style. This made the business more appealing to visitors and improved their experience.


Sales and Company Materials

The company's sales materials lacked consistency and appeal across online and offline platforms. To address this, I proposed and drafted various designs for brochures, stand-up banners, website illustrations, infographics, presentations, and more. 

My designs unified the company's branding and enhanced visual appeal, both online and in print. By implementing these new materials, the company experienced improved coherence and engagement across its marketing channels.

Crafting a Business Introduction Video 

My friends asked for a short video to introduce their business on YouTube and at their place. I used my camera and drone to film, edit, and polish the video. The result? A high-quality intro they can use online and on their TV.

I also filmed and edited interviews with happy customers for my past B2B companies. These videos were used as testimonials and case studies. They helped show how satisfied customers benefited from the company's services, building trust with potential clients. 

Tools I Use

During the years of practice I use these skills and tools to craft the best marketing solutions

Google Ads

Google Analytics 4 & Tag Manager

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom

Adobe Premiere Pro, Cap Cut


About Me 


Tomas Bata University in Zlín

 Master's degree in Marketing | 2017 - 2020

Comenius University in Bratislava

 Bachelor's degree in Marketing | 2014 - 2017

Work Experience

Growth & Marketing Specialist | Port Cities - Remote

Former Digital Marketing Specialist at Port Cities, APAC's Best Odoo Partner

  • Led Google Ads campaigns, optimizing performance.
  • Maintained the visual identity of Port Cities' brand.
  • Supported the team with graphic design materials and innovative ideas.
  • Applied expertise across diverse communication channels: social media, graphic design, video production, email, web, and display advertising.
  • Contributed to shaping future Port Cities' brand presence.

Digital Marketing Freelance | B2B & B2C Projects 

Proudly taking care of online marketing campaigns and strategies for small businesses mostly focusing on branding, websites, SEM, videos and social media marketing. I cooperated with clients in Mexico, USA, Czech Republic & Slovakia.

Digital Marketing Associate | Cekindo - Indonesia

 My main responsibility was developing a public relations strategy to increase public awareness and website visitors and contributing to improving SEO.
I established partnerships with tech media and business associations.

Digital Marketing Internship | Via Media - Marketing Agency

I was introduced to Google Ads and SEM  and created and managed campaigns for well-known brands in Slovakia and Czech republic.

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